Prefabricated modules

Prefabricated modules

Modular structures with galvanized steel profiles, trapezoidal galvanized sheet cover, sandwich panel walls with rigid polyurethane foam insulation. Floor supported on struts dimensioned for an overload 250Kg / m2. Particleboard floor in water-repellent, vinyl-coated. Single-phase electrical installation.


– Security Module
– Standard Module
– Divided Module
– Standard Module With Sanitary
– Sanitary Module
– Sanitary Module and Showers
– Ticket Module
– Module with Covers
– Module with Glass Showcase


Dimensions (approximate):

Length: 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m
Width: 1.40m, 2.44m
Interior Heigh: 2.30m and 2.50m